Islamic state vs. Islam

main points :

Since the Paris attacks, anti-Muslim prejudice has grown, promoted by the media. That’s exactly what Islamic State wants.

when Isis executes its attacks, it has a script. It knows that Muslims will be blamed en masse in the aftermath. One of its key aims, after all, is to separate western societies and their Muslim communities: if Muslims are left feeling rejected, besieged and hated, Isis believes, then the recruitment potential will only multiply.

Islamic state vs. Islam

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Don’t Blame Islam for the Paris Terrorist Attacks

main points:

When members of our media and politicians label ISIS attacks as religious, it misattributes to their actions a well-conceived moral frame, rooted in scriptures and anchored in tradition. If we believe they have these—which they do not—we give them more “religious” power than they deserve.

This oversimplification also masks the hard truth that this violence stems from problems much deeper and broader than any particular religion or ideology. Its myriad political and social sources must be analyzed if we seek to stem the violence.

time’s article

Does Islam promote violence?

A clip of a writer condemning the portrayal of Islam as a violent religion is being shared by thousands in the wake of the Paris attacks.

The absurdity in generalising about as entire religion based on the actions of a small minority of its followers.

“The problem is that you’re talking about a religion of one and a half billion people and it certainly becomes very easy to paint them all with a single brush by saying ‘Well in Saudi Arabia they [women] can’t drive and therefore that’s representative of Islam’, it’s representative of Saudi Arabia.

“Does Islam promote violence?”, Mr Aslan says: “Islam doesn’t promote violence or peace, it’s a religion. Like every other religion in the world it depends on what you bring to it. If you’re a violent person your Islam, Judaism, Christianity or Hinduism is going to be violent.”

“Hating all Muslims for what happened in Paris is like hating all Christians  because of the gay-hating Westboro Baptist Church”,

Does Islam promote violence?

The study ( survey about islamophobia)

Important points :

60% of respondents to survey say they have seen abuse or discrimination directed at fellow Muslims, up from 40% in 2010.

A survey has showed that the majority of British Muslims say that have witnessed discrimination against followers of Islamic faith and that this hate is being provoked and influenced by politicians and media.

More than two-thirds of Muslims told the survey they had heard anti-Islamic comments by politicians, and half thought politicians condoned Islamophobic acts. Nearly nine out of 10 thought discrimination was driven by the way Muslims are portrayed in media coverage.

How it relates to my case study:

This is important to my case study,because I can use these statistics as clear evidence about discrimination about muslims.It shows the real British muslims perception of how they are being treated for example Subtle effects of discrimination are also on the rise, the study claims. It found 63% said they had experienced “being talked down to or treated as if you were stupid; having your opinions minimised or devalued”, up from 38% in 2010.

More than half said they had been “overlooked, ignored or denied service in a shop, restaurant or public office or transport”, while three-quarters said they had been stared at by strangers.

This shows that extremist Islamist ideology is high and that civilians are in moral panic,because of the ‘rising terrorist threat’.

The study ( survey about islamophobia)